Face Lift

Finally, we have upgraded our blog. But it screwed up thic pics we used to put up.. Dav is currently very busy with work & studies. And I’m not technically skilled enough to ‘fix’ it. So, we’ll just have to leave with this template for a while.

I’m having problems with the side bar. Although the template settings allow me to put in the blog’s owners’ profile. It doesnt seem to show… anyone knows how to fix this? hahahahah

So, got a new toy. Check out the pics…

The box Apple box. Nicely ‘protected’. When dav asked me to closed my eyes and guess by touching, I thought it was a watch! Cos the box very similar to watches box.

Quite a wrong guess!

Check out the size of this ipod shuffle!!! Btw, that’s Dav’s palm. He’s my model for this post. heheheh It takes about 4 hours to fully charge this little bugger. Some info on the specs :

Capacity – 1Gb Holds up to approx 240 songs
Comes with a docking station
Charges through USB (need to buy AC adaptor)
Costs approx RM 300 (converted from HKD)

He shocked me alrite! When asked why a gift? He said he liked it and want to see how it works… so he bought it for me. Also, he said since I travel so much, it’s more convenient to carry a smaller player compared to my ‘dinasour’ ipod.

Very sweet of him!

Look at the remaining photos and tell me if you disagree that its a BLOODY SMALL player! 😛


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