It feels odd that Dav is away on business trip and I’m back at home. Suddenly I have quite abit of time on my hand. So the cooking stopped for the wkend as Dav is not around. Was browsing Jamie’s cookbook then realised alot of his recipe requires an oven to cook… and that’s the ONE thing I dont hv in my parent’s house! sigh… looks like I might need to look for an alternative cookbook.. wanted to try the desserts.. but that seems to require alot of effort.. perhaps its better to wait for Dav… (heheheheh this means lazy!)

Didnt do much over the wkend. The only highlight is I cleaned my room! This time the cleaning took much less effort, cos I’ve already (a) cleared by cupboard of old, un-wearable old clothes, (b) organised all my junk, (c) did last cleaning abt 1 month ago, since i’m hardly in, there’s less dusts.

There’s another highlight… I played mahjong on a sunday nite until 1am !! And loss about RM 40. sigh.. my friends consoled me by telling me to treat it as tuition fees as I do not how to play it well enough compared to my competitors! But we had great fun… 🙂

ps: Just found out a friend got engaged! Congrats Eric & Minnie…


2 thoughts on “Odd

  1. Hey Steph!! I’ve been looking through Jamie’s cookbook to choose our next recipe but really can’t find anything suitable.If you do decide to get a new cookbook, let me know so I can join too 🙂 I suggest getting his Naked Chef cookbook if you like.PS: I’m thinking of getting Nigella’s Domestic Goddess – that book scares me!! It’s entirely desserts with not much pics and I’m really bad at baking! Do we dare to venture into that realm together???

  2. cat, i’ve got to browse through the book store to have a look. Will do that next week when I’m on leave. still kinda stuck at work at the moment… but definitely will think abt it!

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