Sammy coming to town!

Its the time of the year again… Sam is coming to KL next wkend for her annual visit / shopping! This Singapore-KL trip has become her annual activity since 2 years ago. It felt like she was just last here, stayin with me few months ago. So this is like a reality check to tell me ‘Steph! Wake up! Its been one year!’ hahahahaha

Anyway, this will not be our first meeting this year. I’ve seen her twice this year in Spore (from my business trip). But it will be better this time cos I’ll be on leave when she’s here! That means, no work, no stress, just hang out!

On another note, Dav will be heading to HK on business trip this Sunday for a few days. Both of us have definitely been travelling quite abit this year for work. Not sure whether it’s a good thing or not. But definitely it gave us alot of opportunity. I’m sure Dav would agree with me.

Come to think abt it, you would think that from all these travelling for work, I would want to stay at home when I get the opportunity. But no…. finally next year I’ll be able to join my family again for the annual Chinese New Year family holiday! This time we’ll be heading to Hokkaido, Japan! What initially planned as a whole family trip (that means elder sis, bro-in-law & even Jas who’s based in Liverpool now) has now turned into just 5 of us cos my elder sis is expecting. I wonder when will be ever have the opportunity to go on holiday as a WHOLE… perhaps another time.

Although I’m already an adult, I’m always looking forward going on holiday with my parents. Some ppl would think that it’s restricting, not fun, boring, etc. To me, its always a fun trip. Dunno why, but I dont feel the restrictions. On top of that, we’ve been doing this ever since I was 13! I believe I’m not the only one who feels like this, if not Jas wont travel all the way home just to join us. Its perhaps my parents still treat us like little kids… ie buy us wat we want, go where we want. I just cant describe ‘that’ feeling. hahahahah

I just feel very fortunate that I’ve got the best parents anyone ever could wish for!


3 thoughts on “Sammy coming to town!

  1. Give Sammy-Girl a big,wet kiss from me when she gets there :)Hey, I’ve been travelling with my folks since I was a baby! Honestly really can’t recall when we started our annual getaways but it’s become MUCH harder for us to organise it now what with me in Oz and everyone everywhere else:(Hey…my parents went to Hokaido and they LOVED it!!!!!! They went skiiing and went to those Japanese bathhouses and ate Kobe beef. Damn…I wish I could have gone to! Have a great holiday!PS: My friends used to laugh at me when I told them I was still holidaying with my family but I think it’s waaaay cool 🙂 Enjoy yourself and have good quality time with your loved ones!!

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