Sometimes it’s quite amazing to find out that your company actually owns a BOAT! When I first joined internal audit, I found out from my Sporean colleague that BAT Singapore (BATS) owns a boat. Every employee is entitled to book the boat for private functions! How cool is that?!?

If you’re wondering if BAT Malaysia has one… the answer is NO!

So, BATS has a boat… and they are NOT the only BAT company who owns a boat. BAT Australia also owns a boat!!!!!! So imgaine how excited I was when I was told that the audit team has been invited to take a sunset harbour cruise on the company boat, with dinner served on board! The name of the Aussie boat is ‘Seawind’. By now, I’m already SOOOO impressed with the company! hahahahahah

The boat can sit ard 15 – 20 ppl. Its not a very big boat.. but the size is kinda good. Not too small or too big. There’s actually a permanent skipper who manage the boat. Whoever books the boat can also request for catering (like us, we had dinner on board) and we get unlimited supply of drinks. The cruise takes about 3 – 4 hrs depending on the weather condition. It rained half way through our cruise, so everyone had to cramp under the shed or in the bunker. Overall it was a fun outing!

See the pics….

Heading out to the harbour, enjoyin the breeze.

Say Cheese!

Inside of the boat.


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