New receipe

After last week’s attempt, I’ve started browsing the cook book again. This time I’ve selected the following to try:

1. Return of the egg salad with bacon (pg 35)
2. Pan-roasted salmon with purple sprouting brocolli and anchovy-rosemary sause (pg 212)

Reason for choosing these to cook is because
a. My younger sis loves egg salad and she has requested for the egg salad
b. Dav love to eat fish

So Cat, will be waitin for your review!


2 thoughts on “New receipe

  1. Onz! :):) Will definitely be giving those 2 nominated a go.Will be back next Monday and will be be prolly trying it out on Wednesday for dinner. I wish I had brought along the cookbook to Shepparton cause I want to read all about it!I seem to be having trouble loading up my pics on Blogger as I cooked his roast chicken last Sunday and want to review it but can’t…bleh!

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