The Food Critic

I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to cook Jamie Oliver’s ‘Proper tomato salad’ and ‘Real quick mussels spaghetti in white wine sand basil oil broth’ !!!!

This is the end result of the pasta. Didnt take pic of the salad. I had my family ard to test the food. The following are some comments I got:

– Salad is taste great! Pasta is ok.
– Pasta taste 70% like Jamie O.
– Paste abit sour, not salty enough.

I think overall it was a good outcome. Thanks to Dav who helped me cooked the pasta and toss the salad.

We had to modified the recipe abit cos we couldnt get the exact ingredients as prescribed in the cook book. For example we could only get frozen mussels and no Sauvignon Blanc for the pasta. We opted for a cheap French Wine.. which makes the pasta abit too sour… hehehehe

I would say this is a good first attempt. Already my sis n her husband requesting for me to cook in their place, selecting a few dishes from the cook book! Time to browse through the book and decide on the next dish to try.

Cat, I’m thinking egg salad and maybe a fish. Dav love fish!


2 thoughts on “The Food Critic

  1. I was waiting eagerly for your review :):) Good on you! Looks like it was very well received!OK, you choose the next recipe. I’m in Shepparton for this entire week but when I get back next Monday, I’m all ready to cook up yet another storm :):)So exciting!

  2. nvr use wine to cook when you wont even drink it yourself. it will affect the taste of the food that you cook. If its good to be drunk by you then you can use it to cook. Sauv Blanc is good for mussels and you may try using riesling too. brings out the sweet flavour of the seafood.

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