Jamie O Cooking Club

Those who knows me very well will be quite shock with this fact… I’ve finally decided to start learning how to cook! Yes, you’re reading rite!!!! hahahahahah

I came across Jamie Oliver’s latest cook book recently while I was browsing for a new book to read in Angus and Robertson Bookstore in Cairns. I thought the cover of the book looks good (steph’s guide to buying new book – look for an attractive cover!) So, I picked it up and have a read. The book is meant to teach the reader how to cook!! And I thought, PERFECT for me! Someone who never really thought much abt cooking.. (ie no passion). So, I was thinking to myself, the book looks good, its ideal for first timer who wished to learn… why not get it! And I did!!

My gf, Cat (my ex-hse mate in uni) who is a superb cook and avid fan of Jamie O have also gotten this book and we have decided to start our very own Jamie O Cooking Club. The idea is to share our experiences while trying out the recipes in the book. Of course I”m not anywhere as good as Cat in the cooking department, but seems like a good idea. Even Dav have offered to help me!! I think it would be a good couple activity!!

So the first recipe Cat has choosen (or rather she has tried) is “Real Quick Mussels Spaghetti in White Wine & Basil Broth”. Initially I was excited and said ‘Yes! sounds good!’. Then when Dav asked me what’s the recipe I have choosen he casually asked me ‘where are we gonna get mussels?’ …. hmmm good question! We’re not exactly stayin in Melbourne/ Sydney where we can hop over to the nearest seafood grocer to buy fresh mussels (unlike Cat!) hahahahah Next thing I think we need is white wine… it aint that cheap over here!!!!!

Ok.. so, we’ve already stumbled upon 2 obstacles which we have yet to resolved. Nevermind, I told myself I’m gonna try my best to get the ingredients… worse come to worse, just change recipe.. hehehehe

Oh Cat, I’m also planning to add in a tomatoe salad into my meal! Wish me luck!

p/s: me tryin out recipe for tmrw nite’s dinner! at least then it gives me more time to shop!


3 thoughts on “Jamie O Cooking Club

  1. OMG!!! Big SHOCK with a capital S!! Steph?? Cook?? Or trying to enjoy cooking?? Thats like saying Fire has the same properties as water!! Hahahaha …. 😛 just kidding steph…. keep up the enthusiasm..

  2. “Jia-yo! Jia-yo!” (hey…I know some Mandarin!)Mussels (I think) should be easy enough to get and the basil too (look for Vietnamese stores for that one). Next time U must stock up on red and white wine when U come to Oz!PS: Freeze any wine leftovers (that is if Dave & U don’t drink it all up!) in gladwrap bags for next time U cook!PPS: His tomato salad IS the bomb! I made that for a potluck & got so many good comments!

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