Feels good to be home

Finally home! 5 weeks is definitely a loooonnngggg time.. but then hor, it passes quite fast too 🙂
I have definitely enjoyed my Sydney trip. Managed to go to places where i’ve never been to before and also wine & dine in places which I couldnt afford when I was studying/ on holiday on my own. Let’s start off with the food..

Steph’s Restaurant/ Bar Guide

1. Wildfire – http://www.wildfiresydney.com

This restaurant is located within the Overseas Passenger Terminal in The Rocks, directly opposite Opera House. So you can imagine the view la. I had farewell lunch there, invited by the local Australian Audit Team. We had Churrasco (originate from Brazil), which serves unlimited marinated meats. As for wine, you cant go wrong with New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc, Cloudy Bay (the departing colleague’s fav).

2. Cruise Bar & Lounge – http://www.bestrestaurants.com.au/booking/select_rest.asp?id=542

This bar is located in the same building as Wildfire but on the ground floor. This bar is good to go to for a chillout session by the harbour. Imagine u can hv a glass of cocktail overlookin the Opera House. This is what I did with Rowena, while we worked on my draft report on a Friday evening! What a good time we had…

3. Opera Bar – http://www.operabar.com.au
As you have seen the pic from my previous post, this is one bar you shld really try at least once! Highly recommended.. maybe not for the crowd, but for the view!

4. Doyles on the Beach – http://www.doyles.com.au

This is a very famous seafood restaurant in Sydney. There are a few branches in Sydney, but I went to the original branch, in Watsons Bay. It has a fabulous view of the city, day or night.

This picture was taken when I went for a walk at Watsons Bay – The Gap. Apparently alot of ppl comes here to commit suicide. So I just had to come n hv a look for myself. This is the city view I had while dining at Doyles. Although this was taken at day time, u can imagine at nite.. the view is just simply breath-taking!

5. King street wharf – http://www.ksw.com.au

This is a new place, a row of bars & restaurants by the Darling Harbour. Went to this particular restaurant, cant remember its name. It has very nice aussie beer. I think its call James Square. But cant find it in the directory.

This pic was taken outside the restaurant. This is the international auditor I was working with.

6. Yipiyiyo Restaurant – http://www.yipiyiyo.com.au

This restaurant is definitely one of its kind in Sydney. The audit team was brought here by the Marketing management. Everyone was very secretive about the location and the name of the restaurant. All they would say is that its a surprise. We were definitely surprised when we found out. No its not a strip joint! The restaurant is located at the corner of Oxford Street. Its actually a place which has live drag queen cabaret show!!! We were truly entertained especially when one male member from our team was selected to dressed like a drag queen and join the singing group. We had alot of laugh when he came out singing….

7. Fish Market – http://www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au/

If you’re a seafood lover like me, this is absolutely a heaven for u! If you get there early enough, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh seafood at a reasonable price. You can also bring along a bottle of wine (or some beers) and enjoy ur food at the verandah. But be warned that you must be careful to guard your food against the notorious seagull!!! We were ‘attacked’ a few times while eating!

Look at the amount of salmon sashimi we had! This portion was shared among 2 ppl! hahahaha

Well that’s my restaurant / bar guide for Sydney. Will continue on my adventure in australia some other day.


3 thoughts on “Feels good to be home

  1. jelly bean: I’m too sick to miss wine at this moment.escargot: its my pic! i can block whoever i wan! hahahaha joking.. why u think she’s lovely ah? wan intro or not?

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