Too long

If you’re wondering why there has been no comments published, thats becos I do not have internet access for the past 3 weeks, thus unable to get into my gmail to release the comments. Sorry guys, I will do it once I get home. But please continue giving us your comments.

Yesterday while I was in shower, it suddenly hit me that I’ve been in Aus for quite a long time. The indicator is when you run out of
1. shampoo
2. hair leave-in conditioner
3. toothpaste
4. facial wash
5. australian dollar

Cant wait to get home this Friday nite!! Yipee!


One thought on “Too long

  1. Hi Dear! You must be on home soil by now and eating all the yummy food :)May I email you my HTML template so that you can add the Links? THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I really want to add all you happy people on it! THANK YOU!

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