Re: New experiences

To Steph: My oh my, the marshmallow sure looks good. I wish I’m there myself. Doesn’t look like work at all!

On a separate note, I’m going into the fourth week of my studies! I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it. It has been intensive but very rewarding. I’m beginning to see a change in me, looking up each and every word that I do not understand and reading up to verify informations.

One of the key item in managing time as I have discovered, as obvious as it is was setting timeline to each tasks. The will to move on when you have reached the end of a timeline is really important to ensure that the rest of the items receive proper attention. My daily tasks has always been a todo list for the day with no timeline, changing my approach has helped improve my time management.

I would love to know how everyone else does it? Anyone?


One thought on “Re: New experiences

  1. well…here at my workplace we do practice a daily to do list..but we also have a weekly priority list and a projected list of whats coming next week…but plans sometimes do deviate…

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