Crazy about scheduling

I’ve been going head over heels over juggling multiple priorities from work, family and education. Yes I am continuing my lifelong dream in pursuing Master certification. It has been a roller coaster journey for me, starting up this plan and getting this funded.

Now that I am doing it, I feel that I do not have enough time for anything else. My schedule is packed with work, and studies to a point that I’m neglecting my families and my relationship.

Yes, everyone should have a goal. But to reach it, does it mean that it is ok to neglect other things? How do you find a balance?


3 thoughts on “Crazy about scheduling

  1. you can quit ur job. u can even quit ur studies. u can never quit ur family. at the end of the day, u’ll look back and then u’ll ask urself, how many precious hour did we spend with them? pursueing our dream and neglecting our family is never an option, it is a choice we made.i am lucky that god gave me second chance. family is not an option, but our job is.

  2. Every moment spent with family and friends are precious. This might sound very tacky, but always, always remember that family is not an option, but our job is.

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