Sydney GOod Food Month

This month is Sydney’s Good Food Month, thus there is alot of food activities being held in the city. For example, there is the Noodle Nite Market which is currently being held in Hyde Park. If you dont know, I’m staying in Sheraton which is just beside the park!!

Ok, so me took the opportunity to check out the stalls few nights ago. Thinking that I’ll find some interesting food to eat. Dont hv to worry about food. On a whole, it was a disappointment to say the least… why? Cos all you can find is Thai, Jap & Chinese food!! Its fine if the quality of the food was good, but imagine paying at least AUD 8 for westernised asian food. And they dare to advertise that its ‘the best in Asian and Asian-inspired food‘!!

I got myself a plate of chinese noodle (which was too dry! Can choke on it!). The noodles came with (tasteless) fried squid. Then on top of that I got a fried chicken wing (malay style, bought from a muslim store). To make myself feel better after having low quality asian food (and paying a total of AUD 16) for it, I got myself a scoop of au natural ice-cream…(which was quite nice).

I’ll never go there again for sure… although there was this odd store which sells Danish pancakes covered with different types of toppings. Looks tempting… but will see.

Today for some strange reason I decided to head to the gym, was on the treadmill for 25 mins and the walker for 15 mins before cooling down on the balancing ball. Then head to the sauna for another few mins before taking a shower. When I came out my whole body was RED! It was a good exercise. But I think the effort went to waste as I decided to go for the hotel’s dessert buffet! (part of the good food month festival). Although it’s called a buffet, there wasnt much selection to begin with… but I do want to mention this, the Creme Brulee was EXCEPTIONAL!

Am looking forward to the weekend already.. a colleague (soon to be friend) has graciously offered to bring me to Hunter Valley (famous wine vinyard in NSW). Although I’ve been told Barossa Valley is much better, no harm going there to have a look since i’ve never been. We’ll be sharing the responsibilities on driving as it’s quite a distance up north (abt 2.5 hrs drive one way).

We were looking at going up north to Port Stephens as well. But that will have to be a weekend away trip, with one night stay along the way. Need to do more research on that.. but havent got the time. That’s all the update for now.

For all my friends in Sydney… make sure we catch up soon… 🙂


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