New home for the next 5 weeks

Yes, the travelling has started again. This time I’m in Sydney and will be here for a good 5 weeks. Touched down about an hour ago, checked into Sheraton on Eliz Str and currently having a light dinner in the hotel (the caesar salad is quite yummy!).

Hv not been blogging ever since our Cambodian trip because
a) dav busy with bro’s wedding which was held yesterday
b) i’ve been helping out in the wedding 🙂

Some updates. As I was getting ready for this trip, dav have been busy helping his bro with the wedding preparation and also with moving the hse. Yes, they are moving much further away from PJ. I’ve also just got my brand new blackberry. Still learning how to use it.

Besides all these excitement, we managed to squeeze in a trip to the Euro Fun Park (ie fun fair) which is currently held just beside 1 Utama. This is definitely a trip worth mentioning in the blog!

We got free/ complimentary free rides for the Fun Park cos 1U was having this promotion where you’ll get 5 free rides if you spent above RM50. Since we spent quite abit (clothes for the wedding), we got quite abit of coupons. In which majority of them was given to my younger sis.

So I only had the intention of going on the Ferris Wheel. Dont ask me why, but I always have a ‘thing’ for the ferris wheel. Plus, this one is HUGE!! Its like the highest ride in the whole park. So that was the first ride we went on. The ride was pretty long.. until Dav was bored. Then he saw the ‘more’ exciting rides and started making plans to see which one to go on next.

Being an ‘older’ me, I’ve already lost the desire to seek thrill and adventure in theme park rides (aka its looking much scarier now!) Therefore, I only wanted to go on less ‘adventurous’ rides. But somehow, yet again, dav managed to pursued me and we went on this ride called ‘Top Gun’. This ride would be much better if it hadnt take like 5 minutes to complete. Imagine being thrown around 360 degree for 5 mins! I even lost the energy and voice to scream after like 3 mins. The whole time I was hoping it would stop soon.

Both of us felt quite sick after that… luckily I didnt eat anything before that. So even when I felt like vomitting, I cant. That kinda save some energy. It was really bad…

Before the ride, Dav told me that he likes these rides because it makes him feel ‘ALIVE’ …. at that time, it kinda make sense. Most of the time ppl take things for granted. So when you’re put in a dangerous situation and live through it, then you’ll appreciate life better. But honestly when you’re up there … its not the best feelings in the world!

Shites! The image upload is not working. I have uploaded the pics on Flickr. Have a look there.


3 thoughts on “New home for the next 5 weeks

  1. Hello! Hello! We’re actually on the same continent :):):)I thought you were coming 2 weeks later! I will actually be in Sydney next weekend but unfortunately will be attending the course from 8am-5pm and then I’ve got to study for the exam the one night I’m in Sydney which is Sat night :(:(:(Perhaps I will visit you? What about that? Are you busy every weekday?

  2. Steph!!! I will call you today at yah! Give you my mobile number then. 🙂 Do you work everyday? We should meet up for makan. Hee hee.Cat, you gonna pop by for a fly by visit?

  3. hmm i might not be ard next wkend. Planning a trip up north to Port Stephens with my colleague. Will let u know later if we can meet up or not.

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