Canon Digital Ixus i-zoom camera accesories

u know how my camera was stolen? well, they only took the camera.. LITERALLY..

so, I have a whole bunch of accesories which I dont use anymore. Tryin to sell / give it away.

Everything u see in the picture is available except for the camera, landyard and CD. Let me know….


3 thoughts on “Canon Digital Ixus i-zoom camera accesories

  1. Oh no…never mind. All the reason more to get a new camera :)My Daddy is into photography now. He bought a brand new VELLY expensive Nikon SLR-damn that thing is good!!!! He gave my sister the “old” Canon SLR.But you know what he shoots? Every, single baby he delivers!!! Hahaha! Then he sticks the pic up on their crib!Which camera are you deciding to get now?

  2. That’s nice of your dad Cat. High-res first baby pict, an essential in everyone’s beginings!SF,, or not cash converters… it’s near your house

  3. My dad bought the Sony T9, so that’s the family camera. Dont think I’m gonna get any for myself at this point. Scare i’ll lost it again.J, cash converters take accesories one ah? Let me try one of these days.

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