Being a messenger

that’s how I feel … esp when I’m bound to travel to London. Lets take this trip for example, the request/ orders I have been given to fulfilled:

To bring over (of course for my sis):

  • Mini rice cooker
  • Chinese cough medicine
  • 2 long network cable
  • a love letter
  • a box of moon cake
  • ankle guard

To bring home:

  • 3 huge bottles of body shampoo (mummy’s fav)
  • one computer science textbook (for dav)
  • DVDs (to be returned to the shop)
  • a present
  • a belated birthday card for mum
  • few boxes of chocolates (mummy’s fav too)
  • 2 bottle of garnier spot cream (for joyce)
  • 3 vanilla flavoured car air freshener

and I thought my bag would be lighter when i leave this city….


Tmrw is my mummy’s birthday. A quick shout out to her (cos I wont arrive till Sun)



4 thoughts on “Being a messenger

  1. * Ahem… it’s 2 tubes of anti blemish spot gel. And it’s very small only mah… Well we all appreciate your hard work! Thanks!

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