finally i may be getting one! we had a global meeting and everyone was asking for better ‘tool’ to manage our communications.. (ie give us pda phone or blackberry). as blackberry is being rolled-out in the HQ, my new boss has kindly agreed to give each team member one. Yipee!

however, the downfall to this is i wont be able to use it as a phone… that means i’ll hv to carry 2 DEVICES everywhere i go… dont ask why… corporate policy.. need to apply for a company phone then only can get it… long long story.

so anyway, the model my company is using now is 7290 (see pic). I think this is quite an old model. tryin to find out if they are going to upgrade or not. boss has warn not to get one if there is going to be an upgrade.. might as well wait for the new model to be rolled out.

lets wait and see how long will the process takes… maybe wont even get one… since different country got different policy….


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