Off and on

my timetable for the next 2 months are CRAZY!!!

anyway took some nice pics and wanted to share…

This is annie.. dav’s dog. She’s a funny one. Dont like dog food.. prefers human food and she’s always tryin to get into the hse and sleep ard at the most inconvenient place! she’s quite cute

Sunset outside Dav’s hse. We were on our way to Tanjung Harapan for seafood dinner when I took this pic. Quite a nice pic considering I dont know how to twick the camera settings. 🙂

Grand Hyatt Singapore. The room comes with a LG flat screen tv and dvd player.. Kinda nice settings, but the room does not hv a warm feelings

The BIG shower head in Grand Hyatt. Never seen such a big shower head!!! Quite nice to bath in though… heheheh


3 thoughts on “Off and on

  1. Wah…thats a nice room! with plasma!the shower head dosn’t look very big from the pic..maybe must compare with something elsehahaha

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