Corporate World

While my friends are voicing out their dis-pleasure from having to endure racists remarks cos they are living in a so-called ‘developed’ country and we’re from a ‘developing’ country, I am facing my own kind of challenges. The CORPORATE WORLD

Before, life in EY was quite fun… growing up with your peers, going to parties, drinking ever so frequently, bitching & complaining about our managers, studying for professional papers, etc. Now as I’ve moved on to join the so-called ‘commercial’ industry, my outlook has definitely changed.

For a start, there’s so much politics in the organisation. Everyone is looking after their own backside. Makes auditor life so much harder… its like survival of the fittest !!!! Seriously, no kidding.

I’m currently having a flu, with my eyes swollen and nose red with mucus flowing down non-stop trying to complete my review while waiting for my boss, sitting in UK to call me… What a life!

Anyway, its Dav’s birthday tmrw… looking forward to a good celebration. A colleagues suggested champagne with strawberries and cream… hehehehe


4 thoughts on “Corporate World

  1. Aiyah Steph! Get well soon! Lots of fluids, honey, chicken soup and REST! Not sure if the strawberries and cream will help a flu, but hey, doesn’t hurt to try! 🙂

  2. By the way, I thought I’ll comment too about working in a CORPORATE environment. It has it’s ups and downs, but I have to say, getting AUDITED was a down!! Auditors are the worst!! Hehehehe…. 🙂 I already kenna an audit TWICE in 3 years. Lucky all A-OK. 🙂

  3. how can u say such things??? I’m an auditor !!! haahahaha I think I understand, I wouldnt want to be audited too… but too bad la.. that’s the requirement.. cant do nothing abt it… hope u treat ur auditor nice nice la.. heheheh

  4. i can’t wait to get audited… I’m going to give the auditor who comes and audit me a hard hard time… muahahahahaha especially those from EY… kekekeke kekekeke kekekeke just kidding… :)Steph… everywhere in commercial is like that one.. You have to understand one thing.. most ppl in the working whole today live from paycheck to paycheck.. they can’t afford to lose their jobs.. thus the over-protective behaviour… I’m sure a lot of us in here can’t survive for more than 3 months if we’re out of a job next week..

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