Long time no see

Past few weeks hv been quite hectic.. with all the travelling, tryin to meet up with friends in Spore, having some quality time with Dav and worse of all WORK is pilling up!

Was downloading the pics from my new camera and realise I totally failed in taking pics while I was in Spore!!! Only managed to capture some pics in Sentosa.. nothing interesting to put up.

Am really glad that Dav is back… and looking forward to our trip to Cambodia in Sept. But before that can happen, I’ve got some major travelling to do … the usual, fly here fly there. But I think the worse is yet to come. Just realise I might spent 5 wks in Sydney!

Dav is back from Houston, so its kinda nice that both of us are in the same place at the same time. He also spent some time with me last week in Spore…

Nothing significant is happening. Besides the usual stress. Been reading a few of my friends’ blog. Seems like everyone is so much better at writing… me just dunno wat to blog abt these days. Life is kinda mundane. Feeling tired now.. gonna sleep. ZZzzzzZZzz….


2 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. heeeheee Syeph….you are so cute 🙂 That last sentence reminded me of us in Lucinna’s room trying to smoke something in particular out of a Coke bottle :):) And all you did was go to sleep afters!!! Lucinna was trying to wake you up, “Steph! Don’t waste it!!”Ahhh…the good ol days. I’m glad you got to meet all of them in Spore. I never did get my act together 😦 5 weeks in Sydney huh? lemme know in advance cause I may just be able to either meet up with you there or you in Melbourne k?

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