New Alarm System

we had an alarm installed into our house today. took a whole day for one person to install it. drilled holes everywhere… its kinda funny to see what a clean freak my mummy is… with this kinda of ‘activities’ going on, a normal person would wait for everything to complete before starting on the cleaning process… but NO, my mummy, have to vacuum and mop the whole house everytime the guy walk pass…. I actually observed her after i came back from work. She actually did the vacuuming & mopping at least 4 times in the period of 20 mins!!! seriously i think she has OCD!!! hahahahha

anyway, so after all the installation done, the hard part has arrived… teaching my parents how to operate it…. its another funny story. let just say i need to repeat the steps a few times before they got the hang of it. this alarm system quite ‘canggih’ one… can call the mobile phone and switch off the alarm using the mobile phone.

I think my mummy abit anxious about activating the alarm cos both my dad & I will be travelling this wkend. I’m away longer than my dad, but still the initial feeling of using something unfamiliar is quite scarry. I think my dad is more worried than my mummy…. hahaha we’ll see if there is any drama in the next few days.

Am off to Spore this sunday! Cant wait to meet all my friends there… gonna get a new digital camera tmrw and bring it over with me. Will keep everyone posted!


6 thoughts on “New Alarm System

  1. Heehee…wonder what happened there?? I read what they were saying and it was mighty interesting. Malaysia that bad meh?

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