Wake up Steph!

was reading Cat’s blog (she wrote abt the war in Lebanon) and suddently realised I’ve been so engrossed in MY own life… non-stop complain abt MY loss, MY suffering, MY pain…

its time to expand my horizon and thank god for all the things I have…

Thanks Cat for indirectly make me realise there’s more to life than all that I’ve complained abt!


One thought on “Wake up Steph!

  1. Hi dear….here I am enjoying my hols, putting on unrequired weight and complaining about the weather. While I am guzzling down my Char Keuy Teow in the mornings, I’m reading the papers about the horrific bombings. There certainly is SO much for us to be thankful for isn’t there? Sometimes, we take “peace” too much for granted….have to offer more thanks to God and go to church more regularly!!! :):)

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