been trying to recover as much as i can after the thief took majority of my gadgets!! when i say recovery, i mean try and find a replacement. Definitely no money to buy another watch AND a camera.. luckily the laptop is insured.

One thing i really dont understand is the thief’s mentally… how can u steal my 02 charger & data transfer usb cable and not take the ipod with its mini speaker?!?! n it was sooo obviously convenient.. i’m sure the ipod will bring in more money than the charger. So i had to go n get a new charger and usb cable. Initially found one which only cost RM50.. so damn happy.. then only to be let down by the fact that the adapter doesnt work for O2 Atom! sigh…. so no choice but have to buy the original one.. which costs RM160!!!

Ok, thats settled. Second bit, camera & SD card. I was kinda proud that I finally have some money to buy my own camera, and now its gone. The stupid thief didnt even take the charger, battery & usb cable! I’m left with all these accesories which I dont know what to do with it. Being a lucky girl, my dad has graciously offered to buy me a new one! So now the dilemma is whether to buy the same one or get another model. If I get the same one, then I”ll have an extra set of accesories. If I get a new one.. I can opt to get a ‘better’ one.. hehehehe

My watch.. the only one I’ve worn since uni days. Imagine I have not worn a watch for the past 4 years. Then now.. its back to not wearing one. And to think that I spent so much effort looking for a particular design… sigh. Anyone wanna offer to buy me a dual time watch???

My heart is aching….

On top of all these, I have to ‘endured’ my non-direct reporting manager, who keeps complaining abt how slow everything works here (the manager is from Spore, go figure). Ranging from how slow it is to get me a brand new replacement laptop, how slow it takes IT to configure my new laptop to why HR sent my confirmation letter to my Singapore when I”m a Malaysia staff… sigh.. I also cant answer her.. imagine I’m an IT auditor some more… how like that?? give IT a ‘Requires Attention’ opinion issit.. sigh

my ranting not ending yet…. so i’ve just been confirmed. It was due in June.. but as my boss is so damn far away, it was delayed. Good news is I’ve been confirmed and my salary was revised. Bad news is I’ve just realised I may not be a very good auditor. In my evaluation, under weaknesses, my boss say I have not raised alot of audit points! I actually agree with him… have not been able to perform since I left EY. I realise my strength is in organising and planning. Am thinking of venturing into project management… anyone know who is hiring?!?!?

thats it all.. dowan to complain anymore..


3 thoughts on “obstacles

  1. aiyo, why u never tell me the charger adapter not working?? I can go take it back to PDA expert and complain..they said it works for all O2 Atom..

  2. taki – cos its worthless! but then I also dunno how they measure.. O2 charger worth more then ipod??!?! ali – its ok la.. i brought it back n they said the voltage in the adapter not strong enough. They gave me the original in a lower price. Lazy to argue/ bargain liao..

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