One yr older but not wiser…

I celebrated my birthday in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Spent the day enjoying a 3 hr spa and then off to a roof top bar to have some beers and then my colleagues took me out to have seafood dinner. Generally it was a nice day.

Received a few surprising presents. Firstly the hotel send a chocolate cake & a cake to my room! As you can see, they spelt my name wrongly…

Then my colleagues gave me a bottle of russian vodka, a bottle of cinamon whiskey and a suede bag. Very nice indeed. And then when I got home, my dear sammy send me a heart shape soft pillow all the way from Spore! Thanks Sam!! Really love it. Esp when its the kind i like.. u know those pillows stuffed with small beans with nice surface.

Will put up some pics I took in Vietnam on Flickr soon. Below are some pics of the presents I got.


One thought on “One yr older but not wiser…

  1. Happy belated birthday Stephie! 🙂 Sorry I forgot to sms you on the day, was busy getting scorched in Egypt. ;)love ya,Serene

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