My new pda phone

Hey Cat, below is the specs of my phone.

Model: O2 Xda Atom
Price: RM 2,588 (bought from Low Yat)

  • Warranty – Local warranty, but lifetime software support (that means can go back and upgrade and get new software for free)
  • 1GB memory card
  • Screen protector
  • Leather case

My sis and I actually walked ard Low Yat searching for the lowest price and/or give the more things… this price is quite good considering the shop offered me the same price with the same package for the newly launched HP IPAQ rw6828.

Visit the O2 site for more info –>


3 thoughts on “My new pda phone

  1. THANK YOU STEPH!!! JB has a new shopping centre called Tebrau City and we saw the atom going for that exact same price. Joel calculated it and it’s much cheaper to get it here (about Oz 930). Sing is selling it for more. Thank you once again!

  2. ali, its ok.. not tryin to compete or anything like that. I’m sure ur hp one is also very, u might wan to wait a little longer cos my sis said there’s a new product coming out called Trinity. So you might want to check that out as well. Glad to be of service! 😛

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