Birthday is around the corner

yes… its the time of the year.. and this time I may not be in KL to celebrate it.

am currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for an audit. Not sure when I’ll be home. The initial plan was to go back to KL on 22 July. But may go home earlier as I may not need such a long time to finish my audit. anyway, will update more with pics on my time spent in vietnam… been quite hectic working here as i came over right after my korea trip.

oh, for my birthday my dad has bought me a O2 Atom!! heeheh quite exciting! if u dunno what it is…. pls google and find out… 😛

gtg now.. lots of things to complete.. will update when i get more time & fast internet access


5 thoughts on “Birthday is around the corner

  1. You are now the current envy of Joel…he has been wanting an O2 eversince last year!!!!!! :):):):) I said only if he is good. And vice versa for my Chanel handbag- keeekeeee. May I ask how much? Want to see if cheaper in Sing/Kl/Oz

  2. glad you finally made your choice… Atom Exec releasing soon… upgraded 520MHz processor and 192Mb ROM. Anyway, what you have is good enough right?? ….Oh, and heard of the new upcoming 6th-gen Ipod? With widescreen!! Cool…

  3. hey cat, this gadget is super cool. am writing this post usin my mobile, while havin a cake in a café! will post more details of the phone tmrw when I get to off.ali, am enjoyin the toy! I so dungu forgot to take the cd along so haven’t discover the syn function yet… steph

  4. Really?? Alamak…that means have to get one for him. He wants the ATOM-whatever that is. My bro has the O2 and says it’s pretty good too. Something about an upcoming tripod???

  5. Steph, once u start synching u’ll ALMOST have everything on your phone/PDA :)Cat, thats an Ipod…the music player.. 😉

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