Katy, Houston

(1) This is the first Malaysian restaurant that I’ve tried out here. I tried Nasi Lemak while my colleague has Hainanese Chicken Rice. It tasted slightly different from home.. man, I miss malaysian food

(2 & 3)Drove to one of our client’s place (Brookwood) to take pictures of their store today, amazing place. Fyi, Brookwood is a place of hope for the mentally disabled. They were taught to be independent. All of the products that you see in the pictures above are all made by them! Click on the photos to see the larger version.

(4)The vast complex freeway

(5)Katy’s landmark, the rice mill. They have paddy fields here.


4 thoughts on “Katy, Houston

  1. hello steph! thought i’ll drop in to say hello! :)i just got a blog recently, not very good with this IT mumbojumbo, but getting better! 🙂

  2. hi serene!!how did u managed to get my blog add? anyway cat has a blog too.. what’s ur blog address?btw, just to let u know, i’ll be in sydney for work for one month in Oct! so get ready for some serious cathing up session! heehehe

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