Longest Time Apart

Dav flew off this morning… he will be in US for about 2 months. During these 2 months, I have my own trip organised… Korea for 2 weeks, then off to Vietnam for 3 weeks. This will be the longest time we’re apart since we got together. On top of that, he wont be able to celebrate my birthday with me…

Since he wont be around to celebrate my birthday with me, he promised to spend one whole day shopping with me and I get to choose what I want (of course not ANYTHING… within the limits la). So off we went shopping last Saturday… we were out from 10am until 12 midnite! Besides shopping for a birthday gift, he had to run some errands for his trip as well… and we watched Cars. It was a very funny animation. Pixar never dissapoints.

Presents from Dav… 2 lovely boxes… which contains…
1. Butterfly pendant
2. Bracelet

Also managed to get a dual analog time watch from GUESS … couple’s set some more!


6 thoughts on “Longest Time Apart

  1. hmm.. i wont go the degree of getting a matching T-shirts.. the only reason why i got the watch was bcos its cheap.. and u get 2 watch.. been searching ard n the avrg price is at least more than RM500 for one watch… so I think we’ve got a good deal!

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