Request from Julie

A reader has asked for the directions to Bagan Lalang and also where I took Mandarin class. Abit hard to explain the way to go to Bagan Lalang but will try my best…

Bagan Lalang

  • Take the highway to KLIA
  • After the KLIA toll, head towards the Sepang F1 track, i.e. turn left from the highway.
  • You will reach a roundabout, take 12 o’clock and go straight.
  • Come to traffic light, turn left (Checkpoint: there’s a Petronas station just after the traffic light)
  • You’ll see entrance to the Sepang F1 track on your right, go straight.
  • You will reach another set of traffic light, turn right.
  • Go straight and look out for the sign that says Bagan Lalang, and follow signs direction cos I’m not too sure how to get there from here onwards. We usually follow the signs from here onwards.

Hope my instructions are clear enough. Happy searching!

As for mandarin class, my teacher is from Beijing. You can choose to go to her hse or for her to come to your hse. But she charge more if you require her to travel to your place. She is currently staying in Section 14. But she’s moving to Bkt Kiara soon. If you’re really interested, leave me your email add and I’ll send you her contact details.


3 thoughts on “Request from Julie

  1. Hey thanks Steph! I was absolutely delighted to find your reply. I read your post Sunday afternoon and headed straight there- excellent directions thanks!I am back for two months, after which I will go back to the US, so I was hoping I could brush up my Mandarin while I am here. I am a beginner, I have been learning consistently for the past year, but still have a long way to go. Wow it is hard to nail a mandarin center here in KL. My email is jkang2001@msn.comLove your blog! Till we talk again- Juls

  2. Wow, you’re welcome! This proves that I have a sense of direction eventhough I’m a GIRL! muaahahahahaSo how did u like the place? Dav likes to discover new places to take pics.. :PWill email you the details soon.

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