Dual Time Watch

I am currently looking for a dual time watch…. ie a watch which can tell 2 different time (see pic). Bear in mind cost is of concern…. the budget should be nothing more than 1k.

Would appreciate/ welcome information on what brand and where I can get them…


6 thoughts on “Dual Time Watch

  1. does it have to be an analog watch? Coz most digital watches can prob track more than 2 time zones… like MINE! =D Looks like ur a serious jetsetter now!

  2. Hi Steph,You can go to GUESS to look for a pair of watches that you are referring to. Yes, it has similar layout on the picture you attached on your blog. And best of all, you can wear it with Dave a the same time when both of you are out together! I think the price is around RM1K. Happy shopping!

  3. hi sir matthewthanks for the tips. I did saw the GUESS couples dual time watch when I was in Jakarta last month. At that time, I thought I would check out other options before buying it. Plus I wasnt sure if Dav wld like it. Then I saw it here in KL which is ard RM100 more expensive! and showed it to dav.. he seems to be ok with the design… so now just need to save monies to get it..

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