I’ll update this post with more description on the whole trip. But for now here’s some pictures that I took from Kuantan.

Teluk Chempedak

View of the cove (teluk?) at sunrise.

3 flag poles on the beach.

Small stream leading to the sea, I suspect it’s sewage water (phew!)

Mini bike race. Here’s how small it is.

The race looks really funny with kids and adults in full gear. Looks like midgets on bike.

Ladies and gentleman, start your engine..


9 thoughts on “Kuantan

  1. omg..are those adults sitting on the bikes at the last pic? i tink i will crush it if i sit on it ler..

  2. nah, didn’t get the chance. anyway, its a closed competition. the bikes goes for ard MYR 1400 each! can think about getting one for matthew jr! hehe

  3. thanks man! anyway, there’s no filter but i did some slight color adjustment in photoshop. some of the pics was taken with long shutter of 15-25secs.

  4. ic…..thats probably why u got such a good contrast and blend of colours at that time of day..beautiful. Thanks for the info bro!

  5. you should man.. make sure you check out the teluk chempedak and try the ikan bakar. not sure whats the name, so ask the natives there. its after a bridge, about 1km off and to the left. only one restaurant(on your left), you will be able to see rows of other rest on your right.

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