Home sweet home

back home for the wkend… finally get to sleep on my nice bed… hug my furry friends who bunks with me and also see the loved ones.

There has been a revamp on this site if you hv not noticed… Dav changed the pics on top of the blog.. didnt even know he was embarking on this changes… it looks good actually.. nice pic. The pic was taken some time ago when we used to drive aimlessly ard town.. those were good old days. And of course I look fatter now…

Dav has taken another self discovery journey to Kuantan. Maybe self discovery is not the right word to use as he didnt go alone. He went with one of his buddy.. maybe its more like a brotherhood bonding journey… They left this morning and only back tmrw nite.

As for me, I’m enjoying my time at home before I head on to my next destination on Monday. This time its HK for 3 days and then straight to Bangkok for 4 days… wont say that its for work cos will be attending meetings and workshop.. not much work involved except I have to give a presentation on our electronic audit working paper software…

Ok… more admin work to do at home… got to finish them before I leave…


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