QuickSilver Promo in Sunway Lagoon

Babe, here’s some pics that I took when I was there. Btw the band that was supposed to be performing on that night was The Click Five

Big ramp with some semi-fat aussie crew on the top takin pics on the skater doin some ‘cucuk bulan’ (i don’t know whats it called, so please correct me)

Another view of the skater going on the big ramp.

Skater grabbin his board..

Buncha college guys and gals ooglin the aussie skater on the mini ramp.

There were some surfers doin some surfin over the huge waves. Kinda cool but I didn’t have the right camera to take the shot, too far away..


5 thoughts on “QuickSilver Promo in Sunway Lagoon

  1. OMG!! David you went? Lol, actually Ange and I thought of going but I didn’t know who were the ‘stars’ so didn’t lo… how was it?

  2. J, no wonder I got a call from you early in the morning! and first thing that came to my mind was, “issit x-games wkend? cannot be.. i remember i’ll be in town for it”. dav, joyce wld prolly know whether ‘cucuk bulan’ is the correct term or not… where is the reverse bungy jump pics??

  3. Hey Joyce, I was there for about an hour or so. unfortunately not in time to catch the concert..steph: i will put up the bungee pics in a while.

  4. SF, actually I called you cause we were going to redboxlah, but then I forgot about the 1 hr delay, even that it would’ve been 10ish mah! Hehehe…David, who were the skaters?

  5. erm.. they didn’t announce any names. But definitely aussie blokes.Don’t think they will be competing in X-games.. at the rate they keep falling down..:P

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