Too much or just nice?

Imagine 2 person having the following for dinner:

  • 2 black pepper crabs
  • 3 garlic prawns
  • 3 grilled prawns
  • 1 fried fish
  • 1 plate of sambal kangkung
  • rice
  • Is that alot or not?


    9 thoughts on “Too much or just nice?

    1. i osooo wanna eat seaffooodd… craving liao…when we all go eat?? i noe of a place with nice seafood…near kayu ara there…

    2. hmm, i think it sounds just rite.. even for 2 gals! sounds like ur having a blast over there…paid hols – excellent!

    3. I think ar… should have ordered more…….where got enough.. hehehehewhile I was in Miri… Jason, his gal and myself ate like 3 Kgs of crabs, one plate of fried mee, one plate of prawns and one plate of fish… đŸ™‚

    4. omggg….that unc taki.. =.=” i asked jason d!! he said she’s ur gal….not his worrr…u talking about yh rite……………?? she quite okie marr…y u all push push away??

    5. omg…taki is spreading rumors on jason again..poor guy..hahaeh eh eh, when wanna hav a seafood outing?? i am sure taki dun mind us sabo-ing his diet with seafood once in a while…hahaha

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