'Puk Kai'

Thats cantonese for fallin on the street…. yes, that’s wat happened to me yesterday morning on my way to office. Injured my left knee and leg… its swollen, red and bruised (as u can see pic). Have to slow down my walking pace and limb today.. 😦


7 thoughts on “'Puk Kai'

  1. SF, you know what my first reaction was right?! Forgive me, it’s me wat.. (written in my profile too :P) Okok, poor thing lah, I know damn sakit right… Haigh… can’t wait for our girlie night 😀

  2. aiya…next time pic take not so close up can ah??? just kiddin..hope it heals..my female colleague also seriosuly injured her knee when going to office. tis’ due to strap on her high heels..now one week MC. Sigh….anyway, come back already lah!

  3. You decided to war some decent stilettos to change your image is it..then buang har? ROFL.. poor kiddo. Aiya think not as bad as my knee lar.

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