Happy Belated Birthday!!

I hv been quite bad these past yrs in keeping track of ppl’s birthday. I used to make sure that I wished my friends on their birthday, get them a card/ presents and organise a dinner or a gathering. However, since last year, I totally lost it! Cant really remember ppl’s birth date anymore. Sometimes have to rely on other friends to organise something…

So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends who is born this month a ‘Happy Belated Birthday!’. Who are they? Let me list them down:

1. Shueh Yue – Highly stressed schoolmate of mine. I really admire her dedication towards climbing the corporate ladder even though that means giving up free time. Yo, really admire your dedication towards work. Keep it up!

2. Eric – A good friend since Form 2!! He’s like a brother I never had. We may not see each other that often but when we do, its always nice to share our life story and keep track of each other’s life. Hey mate, you’ve been a good friend. Hope life gets more exciting and fulfiling for you!

3. Cat – My ozzie housemate for 2 yrs. She’s really fun to be with and sometimes can give really good advice. Currently happily settled down in Melbourne (no, she’s not married. Just moved). Hey Cat, just read your email abt how ur turning 30! Dont worry, life has just begun for you as a professional worker! heehehee Take care n keep in touch yea.


2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday!!

  1. Hi, SF,i saw the pics you took in siem reap, just wanna ask, where do you reckon for reasonably good accommodation say around USD 30 per night, twin sharing basis.Cheers

  2. Hey.. not too sure cos my accomodation was arranged by my colleague in Siem Rep. There is alot of affordable hotel there… depending of wat type u looking for.

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