Roaming sucks!

I seem to be getting my sms ONE DAY LATE! Thats not the only problem. Some sms comes in broken into half.. and i wont get the other half until the next day!! I dont understand.. i’m paying so much monies for roaming and this is what they are doing to me?!?!?

Funnily enuf, this only happens when i’m here in europe/uk. When I was in Cambodia, I dont hv this prob. Speaking abt charges… my phone bill sky rocketed to around RM350 for the 3 wks stay!! and this is only minimal call made.. mostly only sent sms. Sigh…

The other irritating thing is that I keep getting the same sms damn alot of times!!! On avg I think I get them like more than 10 times before it decides to stop. Frus man just deleting sms… The only good thing about this is when my bf send me nice, sweet sms and I keep getting them for like a day…. it really brighten up my day… 🙂


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