As I promised, some pics taken in Hamburg. Remember I was only there for 2 days, i.e. dont hv time to explore the place at all except for the path I took walking from the hotel to the office & the car journey to & from the airport and hotel! I am starting to understand why ppl say business travel is no FUN!

Max is always with me, everywhere I go… so cute rite. This was taken in the hotel room.

Morning view from outside the hotel restaurant.

The walkway to office besides the lake. Bloody slippery to walk on snow on non-spikey shoes! Luckily didnt slip and fall on my face…

The view of the lake besides the walkway. Its soo cold until the lake is frozen!


4 thoughts on “Hamburg

  1. The place looks nice…Hotel not bad too..hahah at least better than berjaya eden park!Yes i pokai-ed too while walking to uni, so blardee slippery.we need special shoe.Jas Ngoi

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