Assignment No 2 – HELLO LONDON!

Hv been tryin to get ready for my second assignment… Back to London!! This time its for a longer period… 3 weeks! Within that 3 weeks, I’ll be going to Hamburg for 3 days.

Everyone has been quite ‘envious’ of my current jet setter lifestyle. A part of me thinks that “Wow! I have gotten quite far in my career path… to be able to fly around for work (which is what I wanted to do.” The other part of me is thinking “How long will I be able to sustain this kinda lifestyle?”.

In all honesty, its not all that nice… visiting different places & meeting diff ppl are probably the nicest thing abt this job. What’s ‘not so good’ ? I can list down a whole bunch of things:

  • Being away from loved ones for a long period of time
  • Screwing up my body clock, esp when it involves going to diff time zone
  • Eat like a pig! I think i hv put on like 2 kg from my last trip
  • High expectation from the bosses. If not, they wont send me ard rite?!?!
  • You get too tired at nite after work to do / think about anything else.

So you might be thinking, since there are quite a few ‘not so good’ things, why i still wanna take up this job? I think maybe cos I love the challenge, I wan to experience different things. An ex-colleague’s mother told me before I joined “You’re too comfortable in EY already! Time to experience other things”

Of course I dont like to face challenges ALL THE TIME. But sometimes its good to hv a challenge. It sort of test you how far you can go and perform. When you fail, it gives you a chance to improve on areas which you’re not good at.


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