While he is away…

Been gambling .. twice since I got back. Was kinda lucky… only bet very small amount but still win in total approx RM 21.. heheheheh

Am having major probs adjusting my body clock to m’sian time…. can u believe it, already been 3 days since I got back and yet I”m still awake at bloody 4am!!! sigh… seriously dunno wat to do…

Been reading to kill the time.. besides that, a friend took me to zouk’s ghetto heavan tonite… My god… you wouldnt believe it… its the first time I saw SOOO many black ppl in M’sia!!!! I was told that there will be alot of malays… so I was expecting malays… but then its not true… there were more black ppl!! AMAZING! no offense to anyone.. just merely pointing out an observation I made… plus this was only my second time in zouk.


2 thoughts on “While he is away…

  1. no wonder i get comments at 4am!! maybe u should try sleeping on the plane and after u reached home the next time. my dad says this way, no jet-lag…hmmmmmm….

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