All alone at home

I’m home!! UK was great…. weather was abit too cold.. but generally ok since I was in the office most of the time. A little bit more about my trip.

Was put up in Grange Holbourn Hotel, less than 5 mins from the Holbourn Station, which is very convenient. My office (Globe House) is by River Thames, just in front of Temple Station. Office and hotel is within walking distance and it takes abt 10 mins to walk. Not too bad since its walking in cold weather. Ohh… west end is also just besides where we stayed…

Like BAT Malaysia, lunch is free in Globe House… and then every nite my manager would take us out to have dinner. He even took us to West End to catch Chicago!! But that nite was quite tiring, esp after whole day session in office.

After my 3 day meeting, my sis (Jasmine) took a train from Liverpool and meet me in London for the weekend. I moved out from Grange Holbourn and move to Berjaya Eden Park since its free. Then I realise something… there were sales everywhere in London.. which is quite bad for my sis and I!! We spent the whole wkend walking ard town shopping and managed to check out Covent Garden Market..

The highlight of the trip would be to finally have the chance to catch Lion King Musical !!! Although it costs a bomb!! some more kena cheated in terms of the sitting allocation… dont trust those stores in Leicester Sq !!! will try to book online next time when i go back ….

I’m all alone at home for the whole week.. whole family went to Ozzie land for hols… my sis & husband is back in my bro-in-law’s hometown… not sure what i’m gonna do for the next few days. Just realise prolly not a good idea to announce to the whole world that I’m alone.. but what the heck….

Ohh.. just to update everyone.. Dav is still in LA. Not sure when he’s gonna be back…

Happy Chinese New Year to all!!


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