I haven’t been updating or writing blog at all. Steph’s better at writing anyway. She is so good at it and I love to read about what she writes. I’m like everyone else, coming in here every now and then to read her blog eventhough we share this blog.. hehe.

Last year have been really interesting, filled with its ups and downs. It has been really a dream for me to travel around the world. I have only been to south of Thailand and Singapore (when I was 5yrs old) until recently. I guess that’s just fate.

So here I am in LA, 3rd day and already missing “nasi lemak”. Everything has been incredible so far. Meeting up with amazing clients with amazing professions. What’s more amazing about it, was how friendly they are and passionate they are to their work and their family.

J.J. L’Heurux and Hunter. A famous photographer, she takes photos of Penguins in Antarctica! Her husband is a producer that had helped produce stuff for ppl like Stevie Wonder’s brother. Plus they built their house from ground up themselves!

Dr. Ava Cadell ( A sex therapist that had major clients under her belt. People like Gene Simmons (Kiss), and more. Her house at Beverly Hills has a wonderful view of LA cityscape.

Carlana Stone. ( A lady with character and charm that will lit up any rooms that she goes into.

Anyway, I’m more of a photo person. I hope these photos will tell more what I experienced for the past 3 days..

View of Los Angeles from the top

The nicest couple that I’ve ever met. On the left is J.J. L’Heurux and her husband Hunter. She’s a brilliant photographer/artist while her husband is a multi talented music artist/producer/writer. J.J. captures amazing penguins pictures in Antarctica while her husband has worked with famous people. Will update her websites url once it is published live.

Flynt Publication building, is the publication that produces Hustler magazines.

Me and my manager in front of Hustler store. We had a wondeful tour with Dr. Ava going through all the sex toys and misc.

This picture was taken within Dr. Ava’s office in Beverly Hill. This naughty painting was drawn by Picasso!

Close encounter with super star. Apparently, the mob was busy taking pictures of Nicole Kidman. I didn’t managed to capture it.

Gifts from Dr. Ava. A vibrating cock ring and 2 lubes.. how nice of her


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