New Job

First week in BAT and already I’m taking MC. These are the comments I got:

1. My dad says I’m making a new record in the company!! haaahahaha I cant help it if I got food poisoning.

2. My department head asked me if I was getting bored with the job.. as he said new staff who is bored in their work will take MC…

3. My client whom I am suppose to meet for a meeting says I dont hv to feel so bad until I fell sick just becos he postponed the meeting time.

Oh well, I cant help it if my body is weak.. yes I should be more careful and take care of my diet but I wont miss out on good food.. heehehehe

Got my schedule for the year. Will be going to roughly 7 countries this year and that means being away 23 weeks of the year. Thats alot of time away.. so have to juggle my time properly.

Also will be attending one week induction next week.. the agenda looks very interesting. It encompass field trips to factory and other marketing arm. Am lookin forward to getting to know the company better!

Btw, first overseas posting, will be attending a meeting in London at the end of the month. That means CNY in UK!! hehehehehehe


One thought on “New Job

  1. Glad you’re doing great there ! We’re suffering here in EY ! too much work too little people ! Do keep in touch !Regards,Taki

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