Back from Ozzie Land

So depressing… the hol is ending! Wedding was great. Good catching up with uni mates and some ex-colleagues.

Had a lot of fun in Melbourne as 2 of my uni mates tag along with us. Highlight of the trip will be the 15 mins helicopter ride in The Great Ocean Rd… it costs a bomb but worth it! It takes us over the 12 Apostles and London Bridge (see map below).

Also recently (sometime in June this yr), one of the apostle collapsed. So we were tryin to figure out which apostle it was.

Am collecting all the pics taken from my friends. Will browse through and select the best of the best to post them here. So be patient.. the pics will be up very soon.

On a separate note, my babe has gone off to HK for a hol with his friends. Miss him so much!! Just a few more days and he will be back… 🙂


One thought on “Back from Ozzie Land

  1. So where my souvenier?? Haha dun worry I know its your nature not to bring back any…Nevermind lorr..pic on your blog can already lorr..

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