Ozzie Adventure Part 1 – In Sydney!

Good news is we make it to Sydney.. bad news is, it’s gonna rain the whole time we’re here!!! But that’s ok.. it doesnt deter us from doing the things we wanna do.

Was suppose to hit the city first thing this morning.. but since i am not a morning person, I only woke up at 11 (it was raining and damn nice to sleep in). Then we missed the bus, which was suppose to take us to the city by 1.30. Had to walked to the nearest shopping centre, call a cab to take us to the nearest train station and catch a ride to Grand Central. Only arrived in city at around 2pm.

As we wanted to make our Bridge Climb booking and The Rocks Ghost Tour booking, so we head to Circular Quay. Had fish & chips at The Rocks… and then walked from Circular Quay back to city centre (George Street) to meet Chia Ying’s uncle and cousin for dinner at Cockle Bay’s Wharf for dinner.

Did alot of walking after soooo long.. hehehe now abit tired. Got to hv my beauty sleep now for tmrw’s wedding reception!


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