Million ringgit fairy-tale wedding?!?!

hmm.. stumbled upon this news after dinner today.

A guy who had a sex change operation to become a woman married another guy in Kuching!! I didnt even know its legal to undergo a sex change operation in M’sia to begin with…. On top of that, the ‘husband’ have to proposed to her 6 times!!

The funniest is when my elder sis and brother-in-law pointed out that the bride has an ‘ADAM’s APPLE’ in the wedding picture!!!! Check it out urself.

To read more abt the wedding –>


2 thoughts on “Million ringgit fairy-tale wedding?!?!

  1. She/he went through sex operation already mah… so why not? anyway, who says sex is restricted to intercourse lei.. there’s always oral mah… hahaha this is getting explicit liao!! Change topic pls..

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