Heard of 'Gila Monsters' Lizard ???

This is so funny… while searching for the instructions on using my new MonsterPet, Kuda, I stumble upon this piece of information. There is a species of lizards called ‘Gila Monsters’. Damn funny right… hahahahaha

A little bit abt this creature:

Gila Monsters belong to one of the two venomous lizard species of the world. The other poisonous lizard is the Mexican Beaded lizard. The Gila Monster is unique among other reptiles. It is large, heavy-bodied, possessing a massive head, and small eyes. One of the characteristic signs of the lizard’s appearance is its short, swollen tail. The body is a spotted pattern of black, pink, orange, or yellow scales.

Wonder if these lizards are really ‘gila’. Hahahahahahahahha!


2 thoughts on “Heard of 'Gila Monsters' Lizard ???

  1. Haha..haiya Steph…long time know of this gila monster. It is the only one of two venomous lizards in the world (or so they say), the other is the beaded lizard. Gila monster’s venom is extremely potent but it will not bite unless it is molested. Then when it bites, you are the one who will become gila…haha..

  2. Almost forgot to mention…another lizard: the Komodo dragon native to the isles of Indonesia has saliva that can even paralyze something as huge as an elephant (hmmmm… i must be watching too much of the discovery channel)

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