make decision to be happy
sometimes happy decision doesnt mean happy for other ppl
how to achieve compromise?
how to make everyone happy?
where is the balance?

its hard
no one says its ever easy
to lead a happy life

i dunno how
i dunno where
i hope that things will work out as i want them to


4 thoughts on “Indecisive

  1. I dunno the full story but if you decide to be happy and you feel not happy that others are unhappy…does not really make you happy right?And you are right, just like a direct quote from Maroon5 “its not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise that moves us along”.. Guess if we feel that others are important to us, we should ‘work’ towards a solution for the greater common good..but if our own happiness is the most paramount, then just ignore others around.. really hope you find your solution..

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