Bagan Lalang Beach

Here’s coupla pics we took from our Bagan Lalang trip.

Amazing view

Balls of sands made by thousands of tiny crabs. Quite disgusting really, I’ve been here once in the night, the whole beach was literally swarmed by these tiny creatures, and we’re walking with our naked feet on them..

Me and my babe.

Photographed by Steph. We were driving home from Bagan Lalang, when we made a turn in a junction towards KLIA and was greeted by this lovely view of the sunset. She is amazing isn’t she..?’

2 thoughts on “Bagan Lalang Beach

  1. From your photos, look like a nice peaceful place. However, I have been there once long long time ago, nothing much there. What about these days?

  2. still nothing much there! hahahahahowever, we noted there were alot of familities n couples there that day. There are a few stalls selling food (e.g. ramli burger, drinks, etc). You can also buy kite and fly kite there.. hahahahaI think u can bring ur girls there one day… ask dav for the directions! 🙂

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