Holiday ended so fast?

Cant believe one wk of holiday pass by just like that… what hv I achieved?? Nothing.. Had made some plans:

  1. Go camping and have a bbq at the campsite.
  2. Play tennis & badminton.
  3. Do some work?

Let see what I actually did during the week…

  1. Watched 1 chinese movie (Andy Lau’s latest), 1 animation (Corpse’s Bride) and 3 dvds (Jap animation, Thai horror flick & Amityville).
  2. Had a small BBQ.
  3. Ventured to Bagan Lalang beach to witness the sun sets.
  4. Cleaned my room (although now the table is in a mess again).
  5. Do my mandarin lesson homework & revise.
  6. Sleep, sleep and more sleep.

Hahahaha… what a big difference. From an active plans it turns out to be a lazy week… oh well, at least I can say I rested…. but of course its not enuf.

Anyway, I also found some nice pics which I would like to share with everyone. Here goes….

Celebrating Justin’s Birthday in One Bangsar

Mandarin class partners in crime!


5 thoughts on “Holiday ended so fast?

  1. Jas, one bangsar is the new happening place .. hahaha its the row of bungalows converted to restaurants opposite bangsar village.As for u, french delicacies, where is who?

  2. any nice restaurant there? might try it out when i’m back.where is bagan lalang? sounds familiar. very romantic trip.-jasngoi-

  3. Hi- can you tell me where you take your mandarin classes? or is it a private tutor? I am interested! I live in Bangsar.Also, how exactly do you get to bagan lalang from KL?Thank you!

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