Yes, I needed a break badly.. even at the expense of going for a trip myself. Boy was I in for an adventure..

I woke up 6-ish in the morning on Friday. Took a cab down to Stesen Putra. I read from Transnasional website that its the station that sells the ticket. Took a cab down there for 15 bucks. The cab made a wrong turn, earlier than it is supposed to. I decided to walk. Its about 7.00 am, when I finally reached the station. All the counters are closed, I saw two guards there and I asked them.

It turns out that sure.. Transnasional counter sells the ticket.. but the bus will depart from Jalan Duta! Bloody Transnasional.. so I went out and took another cab to Jalan Duta. It costs me another 7 bucks.

I reached there at around 7.20am. Rushed in and discovered that the counters here are still closed. I waited for another 1/2 hr before Transnasional’s counter opens. Bought the earliest ticket to Kuala Terengganu at 9am. When asked how long, the ticket lady says 4.30.

I was thinking at the back my head, “Hey, she probably means 4 1/2 hrs”. Not bad. It didn’t register to me until later that she really meant 4.30pm as I heard from another friend that there’s a new highway there (couple of years back, mind you I have not been to the east for a looOOoong time) and it doesn’t take long to get across. The whole journey consists of a single stop.. and its only for toilet! My stomach was growling non stop throughout the journey..I was thinking all sort of nice food to eat, fast food, seafood, authentic food, etc etc when I reach there.

Anyway, fast forward, I didn’t see any other Chinese nor Indians there at 4.30pm. No restaurant, no fast food in the only shopping complex, Astaka. It’s and incredible place, I feel totally alien.

After series of misadventure, tumbling around the town like an idiot. I finally decided to get a place to stay out of town. Took a cab ride to Marang, after much searching I finally settled in a motel/chalet named Rhu Muda Motel by the beach.

Absolutely beautiful surrounding, with tall coconut trees, and almost white sandy beach overlooking Pulau Kapas. A paradise, if it ain’t for the rundown chalet that I’m staying in..

For the period of 2 days and 1 night, I’ve discovered so many nice people there. They are just so friendly and they would sit and talk with you for hours.

To the Pak Cik at the promenade, the pak cik at Seberang Takir and Abang Desa. Thanks for making my trip there so much more interesting. I will remember to visit Duyong, the boat making village, and the lekor factory the next time.

Here’s some pictures that I took.

Boat ride across to Seberang Takir from Kuala Terengganu for 80cents

Sunrise from Rhu Muda Motel, Marang.

Coconut trees, Rhu Muda Motel, Marang. You can see bits of Pulau Kapas in the picture on the left

Fisherman boat with an attached sampan. If you look more close, you can see a huge digging ship, right in the middle. Their making a cove/lagoon in preparation for an international yatch race on November.


5 thoughts on “Terengganu

  1. Totally breathtaking even by looking at the pix, imagine sitting there and enjoying and breathing in the stunning view? Something that’s missing in city life. Can’t wait for my holiday!

  2. Actually, there was only slight tewaking on the brightness. the rest was just resizing and cropping.The color was due to the settings in camera like using White Balance.

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